Banila Co. Cellulose Sheet Mask
Banila Co. VV Elastic Bio Cellulose Mask

Banila Co. VV Elastic Bio Cellulose Mask

$ 7.00
Best For: Anti-Aging, Dry, Loss of Elasticity
Description: The main ingredients hydrolzed collagen, grapefruit extract, allantoin, lavender extract, hydrolyzed silk, sage extract will leave your skin nourished, replenished and thirsty for more. 
The coconut infused gel of the mask which is called Bio Celluose will quickly hug your skin with Vitamin E. Vitamin E is an essential ingredient in preventing premature aging and wrinkling of the skin. The Bio-Cellulose will increase your skin's ability to absorb and penetrate the active ingredients into your epidermis. 
Ingredients: Solvent,Skin-Conditioning Agent-Miscellaneous, Humectant,Skin-Conditioning Agent-Miscellaneous, Solvent,Humectant, Skin-Conditioning Agent-Miscellaneous,Viscosity Increasing Agent-Aqueous,Surfactant-Solubilizing Agent,Skin-Conditioning Agent-Miscellaneous, pH Adjuster,Chelating Agent,Preservative,Fragrance



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